Friday, August 19, 2011

The Future Can Be Scary

Many people that I've heard from are not exactly positive about the future. Everyone knows by looking at the morning, afternoon, and evening news that things aren't good on a lot of fronts. Most of us will not enjoy some of the pleasures that our parents were able to earn. Many of our children, will also find the future a stubborn obstacle.

Although there are challenging things ahead, do we have to be afraid of the future? I'm certainly not saying that there aren't scary occurrences happening all of the time. What I am saying is, how can we find ways to be positive about the future? Our outlook will have a trickle down affect on our children. If all we feel is fear about the years ahead, won't they end up thinking the same way.

Conversation is sometimes the best medicine. Families across the country are putting together a whole new game plan for their futures. Discussing the challenges being experienced is a good thing. Of course, this will depend on the ages of your children. Friends and family members are terrific, when it comes to these discussions. Communicating about your fears is definitely one huge step to overcoming them.

Most things about the future cannot be changed by us on a broad scale. On a small scale you can take care of your health, live on a budget, appreciate the little things, and enjoy your loved ones. Reflect on it!

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