Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Work Outside of the Box

In recent years there have been millions of job seekers deposited into the unemployment arena. Many of these people are those who have worked in the same industry for decades. Things were very different when they last had to look for work. Technology, for example, did not present so many options.

The internet itself is not simply a way to look for employment. It has become, in many instances, an employer for those ready for unique work opportunities. There are many different types of job options that are available online. It does take a bit of research to find out what’s out there. You will also need to apply flexibility to what you consider work to be. Let’s take a look at some of the earning options the internet presents.
Article Writing

Freelance writing is definitely one of the hidden opportunities that are available. There are many sites that connect writers with clients. Elance and oDesk are two examples in this category. Some clients are affiliated with magazines, websites and blogs. They are looking for someone to provide web content for their niche industry. Articles are used to steer traffic to sites or to sell products.

Blog Writing
There are a variety of different blogs on the internet. Some of these are related to companies, organizations and institutions. Blog owners don’t often have the time to produce current content. Blog writers come in and answer this particular need. Blogs are generally shorter than articles and tend to require posts of 350 to 400 words each.

Resume Writing
There are general freelance sites that provide resume writing services. You will also discover through searches specific sites only for resumes. These sites pay writers per resume and cover letter provides. This type of work is done based upon your own schedule and availability. The average fee for a resume is $20-$25 for the writer.

Customer Service
Small businesses often look for help as it relates to customer service. They are unable to pay a full-time salary but will outsource services. These jobs may require answering calls (routed to home phones), taking orders, making appointments and other clerical tasks. Some of the projects in this category are issued per contract. Contracts can last weekly, monthly or even longer.




Read to Communicate

We all remember being assigned a questionable book in school. There were times when we were surprised to find out that the book was exceptional. I can think back to certain titles that served to introduce a whole new world to me. Today, reading is a debated topic to many people. Because we’ve taken so many shortcuts in communications, reading has fallen by the wayside in some minds.

The things that we read are instrumental to how we communicate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a song writer or a delivery person. Verbal and written communication intrudes into most peoples’ lives. Our ability to solve problems, think critically, or relate to others has to do with our experiences. Physical experiences travel and materials that we’ve read enhance how effectively we communicate to others.

Speech Patterns

The way that we use speech can be related to what we’ve read. Those who love the news and read it daily are capable to discuss it. This doesn’t mean that their opinions are unique or correct. It simply means that these individuals utilize what goes into their consciousness. The patterns of speech used by anyone can show their interests and understanding.


Reading diverse materials about different topics can broaden your ability to empathize with others. You don’t literally have to travel across the globe to learn about people living in remote places. The more that you learn through reading, the easier it is to understand who these people are and how they live.


There are millions of pieces of material on the internet at any given time. Reading things that interest you can serve to connect you to other people. Examining topics, issues and history is an effective way to relate to the world. Connecting shows a desire to expand both knowledge and understanding.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finding Your Style

Everyone knows that there are far too many fashion magazines out there to choose from. Many point out what the season musts are for women. This sort of work serves to build a foundation, for those who don’t know what they like. There is nothing wrong with creating your own style and fashion. This may mean taking bits and pieces of trendy looks. Overall though, finding your style is about appreciating your beauty.

All of us are shaped differently and have a variety of terrific assets. Styles that accentuate are a tasteful way can be your own. Tailor them to include the colors and designs that you like best. Trying on a combination of ensembles is a great way to determine what looks good on your frame. Each season has its offering when it comes to fashion. Experiment with boutique, traditional and contemporary styles. Find what you love and wear it!

Here are some ensembles to consider:

Light flowery blouses / Textured vests / Designer print jeans

Long denim skirts / Straight collared shirts / Ruffled scarves

Extra-long tanks / Short graphic tees / Colored Capri shorts

Friday, January 24, 2014

Start Planning Your Cruise Vacation

I know that it's only the beginning of the year! It is never too early to start planning for your cruise vacation. This is the perfect time to look at the destinations that interest you. It is also a time to bargain shop for the best deals. There are a number of things that will factor into your cruise selection.

The size of your party is definitely one of these considerations. This will determine the number of cabins that you need. Airfare, ports of call, excursions and various other things will be important to your trip. Cruises usually include many of the top details that concern travelers. Let's take a look at some of these details.


A part of your cruise components will be complimentary dining. There will be a number of dining options included in the cost of the cruise. Along with these you will discover luxury dining locations onboard that require an additional cost.


Most large ships these days have staff that provide a wide array of entertainment shows. These may be musical performances or variety shows. You will find something entertaining onboard for everyone in your party.


Every ship, no matter the size offers activity choices. These take place both indoors and outdoors. Sports offerings, swimming pools and spas are generally onboard. Passengers can select from free activities and those that cost.

Booking sites like Cruise Voyant offer you the option to select cruises by many criteria. You can choose based upon price, destination, packaging or theme cruises.