Friday, September 21, 2018

Chronicling Europe 2018 - We’re Nearly There…Copenhagen

My husband has joked for years that the sun never visits London. Surprise, surprise when we landed at Heathrow, the sun was already there. Being slightly familiar with this airport, we quickly got ourselves in place for the next leg of the journey.

Every single Dave Koz & Friends Cruises provides us with swag and other goodies that display the brand logo. Breezing through this airport is difficult to do without seeing fellow cruisers. This is pretty much our experience on each of the cruises we’ve taken with DK.

Our trips to Rome, Venice, and this year Copenhagen allowed us to bump into others from the states with the same itinerary. Most of us are in the same age group, but you’d think we were teens with all of the giddy looks of excitement.

Those who have traveled on these jazz immersed, international, educational, and totally ROCKIN’ cruises, simply know what’s ahead. And at this point in the airport…WE CAN’T WAIT!

Chronicling Europe 2018 - Travel through My Eyes

I don’t do a lot of promos for airlines or many brands in general. It’s hard to say anything bad about an airline, however, which spoils you rotten as you travel. British Airlines has safely transported us from the US to destinations around the world.

There are some folks out there who are like me in that they LOVE to travel and they HATE to travel. I’m always excited to get to the final destination, which for me has included stops like Rome, Venice, and Copenhagen. It’s the hustle and bustle of getting there, journeying through airports, and constantly running that I HATE.

I’m not sure if it’s My Journey to 50…or a saucy attitude, but there are parts of the process that make me grumble. This is one of the many reasons why this airline was made for me! Comfortable seating, tasty beverages, yummy meals, music, and movies make me settle in and rest.

I  did anticipate traveling to this portion of the world for many years, even before my husband booked this trip. Now the only thing I needed to do was nap, write, eat, drink, and REPEAT! British Airlines did the rest.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Top Summer Styles – Tailoring Your Look

No one can tell you what you feel comfortable wearing! It is possible to get inspiration from fashion trends. This is a good way to find styles that appeal to your sense of fashion. At the same time, you will learn what pieces are being worn this season.

Summer is typically the time of year that everyone likes to show a bit of skin. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for shorts, skirts or dresses. You will discover a wide array of colorful styles to choose from.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that virtually any shade of lavender is working this year. In fact, this is being seen in every layer for 2018, including pantsuits, minis and other items. Another top trendy style involves animated-influenced graphics, coupled with solid colored pieces.
You can create your own artwork with a graphic top and a pair of bright colored slacks. Here are some other Top Summer Styles to Consider:

  • Spaghetti Strap Sun Dresses
  • Plaid & Solid Color Combos
  • Layered Skirts
  • Retro Relaxed Fit Jeans

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Dietary Changes – Find Comfort & Fitness

According to Food Revolution, veganism and plant-based eating is at an all-time high. Some people make this choice because they can’t bear to eat anything from animals. Others are moved to change their diets because of existing health problems.

It’s no secret that removing certain things from the diet has fitness and health benefits. Vegans and vegetarians can see improvements as it relates to overall health, blood pressure and weight loss. There is no one approach to eating this way, however.

Sass Magazine presents an article that highlights how you can make this a personal journey. Long-term dietary changes should be seen as lifestyle changes. Planning for the process is the best way to be certain that it will work for you.

  • Experiment with New Foods
  • Transform Old Favorites
  • Visit Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants
  • Plan Inclusive Meals

What’s your approach to making dietary changes?