Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Chronicling Europe 2018 – My Views of Stockholm

Even though these are vacations for me they are also working trips. I find time each day to write and chronicle my impressions of each destination and port of call. There is always a lot to see and do but actually putting these things into words is the best way for me to experience them.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m travel writing for a client, researching an article, or taking notes for other work utilizing my own views is key. Stockholm really had a lot to offer me not simply as a tourist but as a family member. Getting the opportunity to see the city through the eyes of actual residents changes things a bit.

There were attractions that we certainly would have missed without this connection. One example in this category was the tasty espresso I got from a quaint little Italian café. It was nestled in a building along a narrow street lined with original brickwork from centuries past.

Children going on field trips and business people dining for lunch were sprinkled throughout the areas we visited. Words are so important because they paint a vivid picture. These can be used to create a masterpiece that is both colorful and impactful!

The Speed of Life moves on…Mindi Abair and her Grammy-winning talent were the show for the night.

Chronicling Europe 2018 - Reconnecting in Sweden

It’s always nice to be able to reconnect with friends and family members. This is even nicer when the place that you get to do this is in Sweden. One of the unique things about this portion of the cruise with Dave Koz and Friends was that we had family in this part of the world.

I can’t help but repeat that the weather was amazing and warm enough for light clothing. Traveling around the world can make things a bit confusing and challenging. Things like meeting people in a public place with signage in another language. Fortunately this time around, it was quite easy to get together with our family members.

This gave us an opportunity to also see the city through their eyes. Sightseeing with them included off-the-beaten path stops like a royal cathedral and a place for espresso. Shopping and taking home souvenirs for many tourists involves traversing to some of the best streets in the city. We got the chance to visit the Drottninggatan, as well as, Gotgatan areas.

It was possible to buy high-end items and those that were budget-friendly. Walking in Stockholm was nice, easy, and enjoyable with family as the guides.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Chronicling Europe 2018 – Embracing Stockholm

All of the locals that we met along the journey confirmed that the weather was unseasonably warm. I’d thought that heavy clothing would be necessary throughout the entire Baltics Cruise with Dave Koz and Friends at Sea. The sun was a staple as we arrived at Stockholm, Sweden.
The previous night’s main show included our host and special guest Kenny Lattimore in concert. Late nights and jazz in every venue on board couldn’t keep us away from this beautiful city. As usual our hop on-and-off tours allow us to visit historic parts of the city, as well as, those that were filled with business and cosmopolitan life.

The lack of hustle and bustle on the early morning roadways, struck me as different from the typical sights at home during this time of day. Stockholm Palace and City Hall were definitely two landmarks that showcase the brilliance of the past.

Excursions that included the Swedish Opera House, the City Centre, and other popular locations were high on the list of many of our fellow cruisers. Sampling regional and national cuisine is always on my personal list of must-do activities.

Lunch time in the park displayed workers from all backgrounds relaxing and embracing the gorgeous city of Stockholm. There were no Speed of Life struggles that we could see!

Chronicling Europe 2018 – Copenhagen Greets Me

The weather was a little dreary on the first day but by the afternoon the sun came out to greet us, so did the city of Copenhagen. Big Bus tours as some of the best ways to see the sights and sounds of any destination. This is true whether you are traveling domestically or internationally.
We enjoy it because it’s a great way to learn about the history and to find hot spots to go back and explore. The Little Mermaid, Tivoli Gardens, and Frederik’s Church are amazing attractions and landmarks to visit while in the city. We got the chance to hop-on and hop-off at sites that interested us.
Diverse shoppers like me loved hearing about IKEA and its history here in Denmark. Everyone we encountered from the couple from Germany to our British concierge assistant made an impression on the trip.

Now like many of the travelers also there during our stay, the goal and destination involved sailing with world-renown musician Dave Koz on the Friends at Sea, Scandinavia and The Baltic Cruise. We would be visiting Stockholm, Sweden, Tallinn, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Russia and Helsinki, Finland.

Our backdrop throughout the journey would include the most amazing jazz being played by equally as amazing artists. Setting sail with Day One Headliners of Michael Lington and Jonathan Butler got us ready for the week!