Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Taking Advantage of Local Offerings – Summer Field Trips

There are many things for couples and families to consider during the summer. Once the Speed of Life slows a bit, travel is usually on the agenda. Globetrotting can be a lot of fun but certainly requires a bit of planning and budgeting.

Getting away from the stresses of life is possible by exploring the things that are available locally. These may include local day trips to parks, lakes and museums. Most cities, however, have activities and attractions that can be interesting to see.

Even planning a trip to landmarks, such as state and national parks is a nice way to learn and getaway. Visit their websites that display tourist details that travelers look for. Many of these trips are budget-friendly and can be done within a day or two.
  • Walking Trails – Plan for the difficulty level and take a lot of pictures.
  • Historic Sites – Look for site requirements and if tickets are necessary.
  • Tour Brochures – Many cities with popular landmarks and attractions have brochures online.
  • Weekend Getaway – Find scenic locations within an hour or two to relax and explore.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My Journey to 50 - Keep Exploring

I don’t know about other people, but I’ve become more adventurous as I age. When the kids were little the Speed of Life was the battle in more than one way. Now it’s time to explore in different ways than before.

Travel is definitely one of our favorite things. Seeing the world in a unique way and through the eyes of others is fulfilling. In My Journey to 50, I’ll keep moving with my hubby to explore the world…near and far.

Exploration in my mind isn’t limited to one thing like travel. Adopting our vegan lifestyle is an example in this category. Doing things that help you to improve your quality of life and spark inspiration are important, no matter what your age.

Right now, I’m exploring how to use my writing in even more creative ways…

Supplemental Learning – Follow Up at Home with Great Tools

It’s never been a secret that parents participate in home education activities, where their children are concerned. Although homeschool techniques are becoming more and more popular in mainstream society, this has always been the case in families.

Parents provide students with supplemental education for public school study. This is true whether the subject is math or history. If you’ve ever helped with homework or purchased study materials, you’re a home educator.

As your child grows and develops, they will likely require additional resources in this category. Online resources, such as programs from are terrific for those between the ages of 2 and 8.

These are tools that enhance the learning process and sparks interest in different subjects. It is possible to achieve these academic goals from home:

  • Games Building Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Stories to Develop Reading Comprehension
  • Puzzles that Increase Mathematical Abilities
  • Topical Studies for Context Referrals

Finding online resources that are effective and budget-friendly is possible with a bit of research. Parents with multiple children can actually purchase products that are unique. Any of these that build internet skills will be helpful for the future.

The more you are able to supplement the learning process, the easier it will be to prepare for increasing grade level work.

Certification Tests for Your Field

There are many fields these days that require certification testing. Some are linked to professional activity and others are connected to a certain position. Companies within the health industry, for example often require applicants to have these certifications.

Nurses are some of the most commonly known in these fields. Educators are also among those who need these tests. It doesn’t matter what your area of expertise may be. You must find effective ways to prepare for these exams.

The costs associated with them alone are a motivator to students. Fortunately there are terrific resources online that can help with your study and preparation. Here are some resources to consider for certification and supplemental training:

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