Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Help!

Are the academy or entertainment media responsible for declaring work to be exceptional? No, I don’t think so. I believe that if the work is historic is its scope and touches the unsuspecting, it is truly exceptional. The acting work of Viola Davis in the movie The Help was not only exceptional, but mesmerizing.

Who knows how long an actor must wait for that role? The role, that will do more than catapult their immense talent. A role, which will relay a message to the world. Davis’ portrayal of a maid during the height of the Civil Rights Movement showcased her skills to be sure. It also served to unearth the ugly scab that has existed for decades between Blacks and Whites in this country.

Certain things and subjects have become taboo, almost untouchable. They get swept under the rug, but never really forgotten. This is because the silence is deafening and the hurt too deep. Movies like The Help do a lot to spark discussion. This movie doesn’t simply focus on our all too unsettling past. It offers us hope, that people like Davis’ character and people like Emma Stone’s character are real!

Their historic passion to make things right and tell the story mirrored what was going on in the world. It spread to millions around the world. This is a must see movie, even if it hurts! High honorable mention goes to Octavia Spencer. And a great honorable mention goes to young Emma Stone. Cheers to Viola Davis!

Let’s allow love, right, and positive behavior rule and dominate. . . .

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