Saturday, September 17, 2011

Will jobs return?

The president’s job speech on September 8th was focused on the jobs problem. There are millions of unemployed individuals in the marketplace right now. These are people from various backgrounds, experience level, and specialties. The state of the economy over the past few years has severely affected employment.

Some fields have slowed their hiring practices, while others seem to have fizzled out. This has led many to search for work in a variety of areas. In some instances, they have had to look for employment in fields that they’ve never worked in before. The primary question that job seekers are asking is whether jobs will return.

I’m old enough to remember when jobs in virtually every category were available. Today, there are so many things hampering the return of jobs. This doesn’t mean that people looking for work need to give up. It simply means that they may need to reorganize their searches. If jobs return it will be a slow process. Let’s take a look at some ways to function until then.

Consider part-time workIn many portions of the country jobs are few and far between. If part-time work is all that is available in your area, take advantage of it. There are many benefits related to taking these positions. You will first of all build your experience level and your resume.

Build your skillsYour skills may hinder you from getting available openings. Employers want to hire people who have certain skill sets. Depending on the position that you apply for, you will need experience in that area. Training is one way to build your skills, whether it is in the computer field or the clerical field.

Work experience is a plusYour past work experience may be the key factor in securing work. Marketing your experience and skills is very important. In fact, it has a direct relation to the application process and the interview process. Learn tips for composing a convincing resume and to communicate verbally. Both of these will help you to impress interviewers.

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