Monday, September 5, 2011

Read Books with a Message

People who love to read often have a specific genre that interests them. There are a number of different reasons to read. Some people are simply avid readers and like to devour whatever they can get their hands on. Reading is their hobby. Depending on your job, reading may be a responsibility related to work.

Often we read because we like to learn something new. This is true whether the book is fiction or non-fiction. Books that have a message can fit into virtually any category. Among the books that you read, include books with a message. You don’t necessarily have to agree with the message to benefit from the book’s information. Broadening your horizons, as well as, developing critical thinking is a result of this reading.

Books on delicate issues
An example in this category is the book,
The Persistence of the Color Line by Randall Kennedy. Here readers are able to approach issues of race. Books of this sort are great for sparking conversation. They are bold in addressing topics that are considered taboo in many circles. You may find that you are able to expand your thinking from what you read.

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