Monday, October 10, 2011

Remembering MLK - Why It’s Relevant?

Last month millions of people traveled to Washington, DC to attend the MLK Memorial opening. There were attendees there from not only this country, but destinations around the world. Why was it so important that people be at the opening in person? One of the reasons was that race is still a relevant issue in our country.

Another is that many of the attendees were not even born during the Civil Rights Movement. Attending this event gave people the opportunity to commemorate the life of an extraordinary man. It also served to showcase a country’s commitment to try harder and to work together. Race continues to be a difficult conversation for people to have. When we think of the life of MLK, it becomes a bit easier.

More in common than not
The issues of race today are much more complex today than in the 50's and 60's. Our country has more citizens that hail from various portions of the world. In this group, there are a variety of races and nationalities. The melting pot affect forces us to look at the things that we have in common. There are more of these than there are differences.

Appreciate the differences
The differences associated with race and nation is what makes life exciting. MLK was such a forward thinker that he realized how important these differences were. He didn’t consider these to be negative, but rather an inspiration to unite and to appreciate on another.

I wasn’t here to experience the movement that made this country more diverse. Like millions of others around the world, however, I admire those who labored. They help us to talk about difficult issues and to work to find solutions that benefit everybody.

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