Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Chronicling Europe & The Baltics 2018 – Mixing Jazz in Estonia

A big part of my chronicling of this trip has to do with our shared love for jazz. I must be honest, however, in saying that I came late to the party. My husband grew up in Brooklyn, NY and has a rich history of listening to different styles of jazz. I started my journey by getting my feet wet with artists, such as Kenny G and Dave Koz.

Not long after we went on our first cruise in 2013 with DK, I realized that I was hooked. At the time, new artists like Vincent Ingala were hitting the scene and would soon be on the charts, as well. Industry staples like Richard Elliot and Gerald Albright solidified their place in what many refer to as Smooth Jazz.

There’s no way to separate the music from the destinations that we travel to. They are a mixture, a perfect blend that follows the couple thousand of us cruisers, who are on board for the both of them. Estonia left an impression on me partially because of its natural beauty. This was showcased in a very unassuming way.

There was no way to look at the busy residents and tourists on city streets to know about Tallinn’s history. It wasn’t possible to know that 1,500 islands, beaches, lakes, and forests are a part of the landscape that defines the country. Sitting relaxed in front of a restaurant near the mall, I listened to the sounds of the city.

I collected my thoughts and the inspiration for future writing, while absorbing the memories created in this place.

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