Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Snacking Options: Fresh Fruit

Oftentimes snacks are the culprits behind people putting on unwanted pounds. Most of the snacks that we eat have been long time favorites. If your goal is to eat healthy and lose weight, making better food selections is important. Processed snacks are not the best choices for nutritional eating. One of the great options for snacking is fresh fruit.

Organic produce has become more and more popular over recent years. These are fruits and vegetables that have been grown naturally, without pesticides. There are benefits to eating non-organic and organic fruits. Both of these are better for you than snacks with preservatives. Let’s take a look at some fruit ideas.

A simple fruit salad
Pick a few of your favorite fruits and make a simple salad. Pineapples, grapes, and peaches are delectable items for a fruit salad. These fruits will naturally make their own juice, but can be encourage with a little sugar.

Orange slice and cottage cheese
A great way to get Vitamin C and Calcium is to combine two snacks. Orange slices and cottage cheese together make a delicious snack or dessert. This is also an offering to increase your protein intake.

There are so many different types of apples, which it’s easy to find one you’ll like. In fact, purchasing a variety of apples each week provides you with a choice. Some apples are sweet, while others are distinctly tart. The health benefits of this fruit are beneficial. They are easy snacks to store and to transport.

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