Saturday, August 10, 2019

Top Reasons Pet-Owners Utilize CBD Products

The Speed of Life has us all in a constant state of movement and activity. There are certain things, however, that stop us in our tracks. When our pets are not feeling well or acting like themselves a response is necessary. Everyone knows the importance of a vet visit when these instances occur. There are times when medications are less than a favorable solution.

Alternative products and treats are being used around the world for pets. Dogs and cats with anxiety problems can be treated this way. Pets that have suffered injuries or are battling illness may also be helped with CBD oil products. It’s certainly the pet owners challenge and responsibility to find the right solution to address these concerns.

Here are some of the top reasons that owners consider CBD products:

Resolving Anxiety Problems

Just like many people struggle with bouts of anxiety our pets do as well. You may have noticed a bit of separation anxiety in your dog. In some cases, this is something that resolves itself with time. There are other pets that don’t naturally recover. Some seem to get worse and require something to help them calm down. CBD products are a terrific option for this anxiety.

Combatting Health Issues

Local Frederick County owner of Hive Bake Shop, Rebekah Ontiveros developed The OG brand of dog treats as a solution for her dog Kelso. This is a CBD line of products from her Kinetic Reserve Label. At one point Kelso was suffering from various health issues and was taking 2 doses of human allergy medications daily. After eating the CBD product The OG, he has been medication-free for the past 7 months. This was a positive change in both health and behavior for her pet.

Addressing Physical Symptoms

According to the Canine Journal, pets experiencing an array of symptoms can be helped with CBD products. Some of the most common symptoms that our four-legged friends may suffer from include arthritis, chronic inflammation, and joint pain. Utilizing the proper dosages of treats and other products on the market with CBD oil is important to keep your pets safe and healthy.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Featured Artist - 2019 Australia - Dave Koz & Friends at Sea

Jazmin Ghent

By Athelda R. Ensley,

For cruisers experienced with Dave Koz & Friends at Sea, the addition of Jazmin Ghent to the 2019 line-up on Holland America’s Ms. Noordam was a superb idea. This national and now international jazz recording artist brought her own unique vibe to both voyages. She also enhanced the musical experience by complimenting the excellence that is commonly associated with this annual cruise.
Born in Heidelberg, Germany, Jazmin now lives and works in Central Florida. She is no stranger when it comes to applying her talents in the most creative of ways. Working as an elementary music teacher provides her with her share of ingenuity and resilience. This can be seen and heard through the artistry she demonstrates, playing her saxophone.
Tailoring Your Own Sound
Welcoming to admiring passengers onboard, Ghent showcased many of the qualities that make her stand out and right at home with every caliber musician. She has found the way to tailor a sound that connects to her name. Those who listened to Jazmin’s first album Boss, released in 2015 quickly became fans. It was easy to determine that this was a skilled and talented sax player no matter her age.
Harmonizing with Other Musicians
Dave Koz Cruises are an example of a well-oiled and memorable machine. They are designed to provide passengers with continual music at dynamic onboard venues. Each performance showcases the skills of diverse musicians, many of which are award-winning recipients. Ghent with her celebrated The Story of Jaz album joined this prestigious club of artists on the 2019 cruise.

Being Recognized
Artists, including the likes of Gerald Albright, Peter White, Marcus Anderson, and Richard Elliott were all on this adventure Down Under. Already recognized in 2017 as the Smooth Jazz Network’s Best New Artist, Ghent received the 2019 NAACP’s Image Award for Outstanding Jazz Album, The Story of Jaz. She received this honor while performing on the cruise in Australia this year.
Her career and talent will continue to bring attention Jazmin’s way. One thing’s for sure, cruisers are hoping to see her next year on the Dave Koz & Friends at Sea’s 2020 Amsterdam & the British Isles Cruise.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Chronicling Europe & The Baltics 2018 – The Music Plays On

If I had to find a phrase to describe these unique cruises it would be continual music. It doesn’t matter whether you are asleep in your cabin or on deck for a stroll. There is jazz being played everywhere on the ship from sunrise to sunset. What more could fans from countries around the globe ask for when they truly love the music?

Departing from Helsinki brings a bit of sadness to us, travelers because we know the end is coming. There’s one more full-day at sea and then back to Copenhagen. For the majority of us, we will be heading to the airport and home. So I normally take this time to finish up my notes, make some important observations, and enjoy the last two days apart from the Speed of Life.

Each cruise we’ve gotten the chance to meet people we would not have encountered in the states. That in itself is amazing to think about. We’ve adopted travel parents, brothers, sisters, and friends on these journeys. Maybe this is why so many of the jazz fans and cruisers keep coming each year. It’s difficult to say goodbye but we know the music will play on until we see each other again.

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Chronicling Europe & The Baltics 2018 – Helsinki Modern Diversity

A Little Romance

Just like the cruises themselves, we as a couple tend to pack a lot into international travels. These trips ironically due to DK’s planning often take place around our anniversary. We’ve managed to celebrate more than one of these milestones as we’ve seen the world. It’s always nice to fit a little romance in while at work and on vacation.

I’m glad to have a husband that understands that my writing work travels with me wherever I go. Fortunately for me, his creativity kicks in on these trips and we both get to work and play. While in Helsinki we got the chance to combine our love for jazz with exploring the city. Rick Braun, Aubrey Logan, the UK Collective, and Rick Marcel provided exceptional onboard entertainment.

The city offered its own inspiration for romantic experiences. In our downtime, we found a terrific cafĂ© for coffee and dessert. On the tour, we’d learned a lot about the delicious chocolates that locals enjoy. Including these with our treats was a definite no-brainer. Sitting outside and watching the world go by together…is my definition of romance!