Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simple Ways to Use Veggies

Many parents look for creative ways to incorporate more veggies into their kid’s diets. It’s just important to remember that everyone needs vegetables in their diets. Often people don’t like a particular vegetable because of the taste. That initial bite of something tends to stick with you over time.

Experimenting with the classic taste of veggies, could be one way to encourage eating. There are so many great choices out there when it comes to produce. Finding the right recipe is a place to begin. With accompaniments, you can also enjoy eating veggies raw. If you use a few tips when it comes to preparing certain vegetables, your family may love them.

Pick the staples
There are staple veggies that your family already enjoys. Keep these on hand in case of a culinary emergency. Serving these vegetables along with new choices is a way of providing people with a selection to choose from. This can help whether you are serving raw are cooked dishes.

Season well
Well-seasoned veggies simply taste better most often. You can experiment with raw examples for your family. Most often seasoning appeals to people who stumble on veggie eating. There are great seasoning mixtures, like Italian, Indian, and others. Sprinkling these along with light butter or margarine is a good way to serve veggies.

Have a variety
You can provide a variety of veggie choices by having several to choose from. At the same time, finding
recipes that incorporate various vegetables is helpful. Casseroles offer ways to serve multiple veggies at once.


  1. It's not just kids. I think I need to figure out a way to hide my own veggies in my food! :) I've just learned to pick things in season so they taste better and so that's helped a great deal. I'm beginning to enjoy fruits and veggies alot more (and it only took me 35 years to get here :)).

  2. Hi Athelda, thank you so much for spotlighting me! What a wonderful idea! :)

  3. Vegetables are indeed very important for one's health. I am happy that I have grown to love several - cabbage, carrot etc.