Thursday, August 25, 2011

Companies Take A Stand

Starbucks CEO, Howard Shultz decided to do something monumental this week. His company and 100 others have decided to withhold their campaign contributions until our nation’s budget is balanced. This is a heroic way to showcase what’s important. Many say that these companies and businesses are simply hitting politicians where it matters, in the wallet. Even if they are unsuccessful in impressing the point to these lawmakers, they have made a statement to their customers.

The stand that this group has made could lead the average person to take a similar stance. It is important to remember that the little people play a role where contributions are concerned. What if they all decided to keep their funds? This would be paramount to not only the presidential election, but Congress as well. The message that Starbucks has relayed is that good business isn’t the only important thing.

When companies stand together?
Some of the top companies in dining and retail have joined in this stand. Many of these are international brands within themselves. They have a persona to protect and to promote. It’s difficult to do so when the rest of the world is questioning our financial judgment as a country. You can look at this move as purely patriotic, or simply pro-active.

The bottom line
Every company has the goal of earning more profits. There are surely going to be financial benefits for the companies on this list of 100. They will attract the attention of new patrons in some cases. Regular citizens may even support more of these companies because of the message they’re sending to the world.

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