Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black Girls & Education

In previous articles, I’ve discussed some of the misconceptions related to race and education. Black girls in America have a lot to overcome when it comes to succeed in certain areas. Many people would be surprised to discover exactly what these girls are thinking about their own futures. I would imagine that the answers they’d find, would not fit their image of these girls.
education by Black girls in America.
Through a series of interviews, I’ve been able to scratch the surface on some of these topics. We all know that children are our future, as well as, the future of our country. Relying on them to propel the country, means investing in them now. Let’s take a look at some things that are being focused on about
 academically. Those that manage to find the key to making better grades, usually continue to do so.

Connecting with teachers

Teachers can either help or hinder students today. Having a good relationship with your educators is a tool for success. Black girls in many segments of the country are looking for ways to make this connection. It is important that teachers meet them in this process, so that both can achieve their goal in education.

Maintaining good gradesThese girls understand that the bulk of the responsibility for good grades falls to them. Not all Black girls have the encouragement that they need at home. This presents a struggle for them, in their pursuit of excelling

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  1. Hi Athelda,
    An excellent post. Education is key and encouragement is essential if one is to succeed. Take care and all the best.