Monday, October 7, 2013

Living Outside the Box!

I've always had a love for travel. I think it's the writer in me that wants to make a verbal image for what I see. As a family we've taken some pretty amazing trips both in the states and outside them. My most recent trip, however, was nothing less than a life-changer.

I spent 10 days in Europe with my husband, alone. We ventured to Rome to catch our cruise ship, Navigator of the Seas. This Mediterranean cruise was a jazz adventure via Dave Koz. The music was tremendous throughout our 8 days at sail. The talent of the artists was well worth travelling around the world to experience.

But I must say that living outside the box with my husband on our own Amazing Race was the best part. Running from airport to airport and stumbling over the languages was a lot of fun. Once onboard we were still on a terrific adventure. The music, the events and the excursions of the ports.

The beautiful cities of Messina, Mykonos, Athens, Naples and Rome gave us new experiences. For me it was a time to expand my mind and my impression of the world. As a couple it was time to enjoy not having any schedules to meet. Romance and all that jazz! I think that every couple needs to find their own adventure and get-away from it all. It doesn't have to be on the other side of the globe.

It just needs to be meaningful and outside the box!

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