Friday, August 30, 2013

Let's Talk About Race!

Racial tensions are very high in many portions of the country today. The undertones involving race are hidden in conversation. Popular culture, whether it be movies or television try to tackle the issue. In some instances, there are very attempts and the sparking of conversation. The movie The Help or The Butler are terrific examples of these attempts.

One of the primary issues of race is that REAL conversations are not going on regularly. People of different races, friends, co-workers and acquaintances often tip-toe around the issue. It's uncomfortable to display sensitivity, especially if you're a minority. Those in the majority tend to feel that there are explosive topics to run away from, which leads to ignoring race.

Years ago we participated in a monthly discussions that focused on race and the difficult topics. The goal of this happy dinner time was to search for ways to reconcile where racial issues are concerned. Each person no matter their race was able to speak and share. This type of conversation is few and far between. I wish we were more brave when it comes to getting to know each other better.

Great Ideas to Steer the Race Conversation:

* Regular Discussion Groups
* Focused Blog Posts
* Mixed Race Dinner Dates
* Online Focus Groups

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