Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Finding Your Style

Everyone knows that there are far too many fashion magazines out there to choose from. Many point out what the season musts are for women. This sort of work serves to build a foundation, for those who don’t know what they like. There is nothing wrong with creating your own style and fashion. This may mean taking bits and pieces of trendy looks. Overall though, finding your style is about appreciating your beauty.

All of us are shaped differently and have a variety of terrific assets. Styles that accentuate are a tasteful way can be your own. Tailor them to include the colors and designs that you like best. Trying on a combination of ensembles is a great way to determine what looks good on your frame. Each season has its offering when it comes to fashion. Experiment with boutique, traditional and contemporary styles. Find what you love and wear it!

Here are some ensembles to consider:

Light flowery blouses / Textured vests / Designer print jeans

Long denim skirts / Straight collared shirts / Ruffled scarves

Extra-long tanks / Short graphic tees / Colored Capri shorts

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