Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Teen Conversations: Important Parental Moves

It's true that parents and teens often speak a different language!

This shouldn't discourage either from conversation. It is important not only to the relationship of the family. Keeping these lines of communication active promotes expression in the future.

Teens learn how to think critically and to verbalize their positions. Topics of these conversations can vary. The primary objective is to use the time wisely. Although the Speed of Life is challenging to families, it is essential that they maintain relationships in a healthy way. Conversation is a good tool for this!

Daily Lives

Some teens need to be encouraged to talk about the issues that trouble them. The things that occur daily are a part of these concerns. Setting aside time specifically for these conversations, shows interest and concern.

Current Events

There are confusing things happening in society. This is true for both parents and teens. Discussing current events nationally and internationally can help. The goal is not to figure out the world's problems. It's simply to pursue understanding and spark more conversation. 

The Future

The future is one of the things that troubles teens the most. Parents don't always understand because they've conquered their fears in some ways. Teens need and want direction for attaining the goals, whether short term or long term. Conversation could mean the difference between success and failure.

Let's start talking more. . .

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