Saturday, July 30, 2011

Go, Girls!

There are many groups around the country that have seen the lack of encouragement as it relates to girls. Unfortunately this is true no matter if we are talking about the issue of race or not. The fact is that girls need to be encouraged and inspired to achieve their goals. Popular songs and even commercials talk about our children being the future.

This is absolutely true! Girls deserve to hear that there are opportunities for them. These opportunities are in education, sports, music, etc. When you understand there are opportunities, it is easier to aim for a goal. Despite media outlets, stereotypical studies, and assumptions, there are girls out there who have high standards and goals.

These girls live in every community, in every city, in every state. Parents and role models have a responsibility to educate themselves on what's available to advance girls. Then they can pass on this information to children that want to achieve. In some instances, these opportunities may exist through camps, clubs, contests, and various other things.

Let's keep an eye out for these important tools! This is the best way to shape the future and the lives of the girls that will impact it.

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