Saturday, July 30, 2011

Know Yourself Well

Getting to know yourself, may sound quite simple. In fact, many people assume that they know themselves pretty well. I have found that there's a lot more to me than meets the eye. As I get older, my interests change (or evolve) and so do my pursuits. The Speed of Life causes us all to keep way too busy.

We don't have enough time for family and friends much less ourselves. I'm convinced that the happiest person is one who really knows themselves. This means setting aside time, on purpose, to get to know you! A quiet place, a cozy spot, or a sandy beach could be a great place to start. Some have found that a weekly rendezvous with a latte and a good book is just as effective!

Since we are multi-faceted beings, there is always a lot to learn. For me, there's nothing more important than my Spiritual growth. This is a daily journey and challenging objective. It takes work each daily to become who and what I'm supposed to be. Each incremental change and realization is beneficial and fruitful.

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