Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Utilize Your Degree - Take Advantage of Diverse Skills

Just because your degree is in one particular area, doesn't mean you're locked into that field. As millions of Americans have discovered, their initial career fields aren't productive. Whether it be major layoffs or areas that are obsolete, it is important to utilize your degree to the best of your ability.

This may mean reevaluating your resume design. There are skills that you've gained from your field, that can translate to other career paths. With this goal in mind, you should take advantage of education, training and professional abilities that are instrumental to any position. Here are some ways to view your accomplishment:

Light Skills Transfer Easily

Light skills are those that are useful to almost all fields. Some of these include: computing, record keeping, finance, inventory control and many others. If you're looking to move from management to technical service, it's your skills that need to be expressed.

Use All Leadership Abilities

Leadership, whether supervisory or management is priceless. Employers want workers who have gained experience leading teams. The skills that these roles provide are diverse and critical to every field and industry. These skills allow applicants to consider many different professional roles.

Your resume is a tool that can make your first introduction. It doesn't matter whether your degree is IT related or in Humanities. The skills that you've gained over the years, can be helpful to virtually any employer. Showcase them in all future professional pursuits.

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