Monday, January 28, 2019

Chronicling Europe & The Baltics 2018 – Places to Ponder

Sunny St. Petersburg Exploration

Since 2013, we’ve gotten the chance to visit many once-in-a-lifetime cities around the world with Dave Koz. A lot of these were places that I’d dreamed of since I was a child. There are others that I didn’t know would impact me until I actually arrived. Rome, for example was one of those cities with its rich history and famous attractions.

I went there and learned to relax despite the Speed of Life. It soon came to my attention that St. Petersburg would also be on my list of special destinations. There were unique things that made it stand out but familiar things that couldn’t be missed. One of the things that I write about often is the fact that people are essentially the same.

When you ride through a city and see families interacting and excited pets, it’s hard to separate individuals based upon location. Whenever there’s a lot of information to consume and a short period of time to do so, music makes me relax and ponder. I think our host DK knows exactly what he’s doing when he selects truly amazing places for use to visit. Then he offers us jazz creativity at its best through artists, such as Peter White, Keiko Matsui, and Peet Project.

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