Monday, August 1, 2011

Local Papers Hanging On

Many of you will remember several years ago, the talk about newspapers going the way of all obsolete things. At that time it was thought that technology would usurp the stage as it relates to how people got their news. I must admit that the internet provides us with great ways to find out about current events. Cable news channels like CNN and popular newspapers like USA Today, have transitioned to online outlets.

It did sadden me, however, to think that physical papers would fade away. I'm glad to say that this hasn't happened (yet). There's just something settling about being able to hold onto your own copy and turn the pages slowly. Just as large papers have been in jeopardy, so have local newspapers. A recent story determined that these local newspapers around the country are doing better than expected.

Many residents are opting to support their local outlets, instead of the national brands. There's something to be said about this type of salvage. The fact that these papers are generally much less expensive probably plays a role too. At the bottom of it all, there are just some things we don't want to change. There are some things that we should still be able to depend on . . . even if they take the form of local newspaper.

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